Five Tips You Need To Know In Sic Bo

Five Tips You Need To Know In Sic Bo

Playing Sic Bo is based on player’s lucky factor. But even so, there are five tips you need to know in Sic Bo. These tips can put you to the best position to earn some profit. Before playing with these five tips, you better learn the basic rules on Sic Bo first.

Five Tips You Need To Know In Sic Bo

Find and Learn the Table

It’s important for player to find the right table. The right table is when the house edge is lesser than any other available table. Also, pay attention on the table limits. There are minimum and maximum betting limits on each table. Adjust with your money that you spare for the bet. Don’t go too far by playing on the high minimum table.

Seats can also improve your winning chances. Choose the middle seat where you can see the whole layouts and reach the whole bets sections. If there is no middle seat available on the right table, then just watch the game and wait until it is available.

Five Tips You Need To Know In Sic Bo
Five Tips You Need To Know In Sic Bo

Free Bet for Practice

Don’t miss any promotion to play free. Even if you are an expert, playing free as promotion from casino can always give you a benefit. Either you can earn money by winning, or you can practice and do some warm up before the real game begins.

Stay Longer with Small Bet

Playing Sic Bo can be very irritating when you have to guess the results of the three rolled dices. Since you are gambling and you put your money on risk, it is better to make a small bet first and take the biggest chance to win. Biggest chance to win can be earned by putting a bet on 1:1 payoff. Such as the Big Small bets, Even Odd bet, or Single Dice bet.

Make small bets may take you sometimes to double your money, but it most likely to give you more benefits. You will lose your money longer than you expected, chances are you will increase your money little by little through time you play.

Know When to Quit

Winning streaks will always come to an end. So you better limit your time to play before you start to lose everything. You may be on fire by winning some streaks, but sooner you will lose. Don’t be triggered by raise the stakes. Set a timer on how long you will play. Then leave the game win or lose, even you are still on fire.

But Don’t Give Up Easily

You may don’t want to lose any money. But when you lose from the beginning after playing a few times, don’t give up yet. Because your luck may be just on another game, it is wise to stick to your own commitment about when to stop. When you reached your limit of money or time, then it’s ok to quit. Just don’t give up easily at the very beginning.

Sic Bo table can affect the players, it’s true. Player should pay attention on choosing table to play, regarding the house edge, position to play, and the minimum bet. Set a maximum time to play and maximum money to bet, stick with it. Those are five tips you need to know in Sic Bo.

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