Highest Win in Blackjack Casino Game Ever

Highest Win in Blackjack Casino Game Ever

Betting is something that we cannot predict and it means that it is either loss or win. The bettors can be lucky and get the highest win in Blackjack Casino game ever and do not need to work for his entire life, and the rest may be unlucky and spend his life paying debts.

Highest Win in Blackjack Casino Game Ever

  1. 1975 to 1981

Applying the strategy in playing blackjack, Ken Uston obtained big time winning between 1975 and 1981. He used mathematic of blackjack as a strategy and he did not aim to have a big win, but he emphasized on the team strategy and patience.  For using those strategies, he is famous as the creator of the blackjack counting teams, MIT team. It turned out that he and his team won over $4.5 million in various casinos in United States.

Highest Win in Blackjack Casino Game Ever
Highest Win in Blackjack Casino Game Ever
  1. 1991

The blackjack winner in 1991 was Kerry Packer from Australia who won $7 million at the Las Vegas Hilton public area in one night. Then as a winner, he got the privilege to play again the next year, but the odds were not with him and it turned out that he lost $10 million that year.

  1. 1995

In 1995, Kerry Packer back again to play blackjack to spend his holiday in the MGM Grand of Las Vegas. It was said that he played using 8 hands in multiple tables at once and obtained $20 million. Firstly, he was betting $250,000 for each table and won this $20, but then 40 minutes later, he won for more than $25.

The next player in 1995 was mysterious man known as Blackjack bum or Shoeless Joe. He went to the Treasure Island casino barefooted and carried $400 with him and he did not know the blackjack strategy at all. It turned out that he obtained a winning for around $1.5 million. As he became richer, he developed an arrogant personality, and then the casinos were joining to make him lost. As a result, he finally lost and kicked form the casino.

  1. 1997

Kerry Parker returned again to play blackjack in Las Vegas. At this time, he won for around $20 to $40 million dollars. Unfortunately two years later, he was out of luck and lost $28 million in one of the London casinos.

  1. December 2010 to April 2011

The biggest win for December 2010 to April 2011 was obtained by a well-known player, Don Johnson. He won $15.1 million from various casinos in Atlantic City, such as Caesars Atlantic City, Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa, and Tropicana Casino. The winnings were $4.23 million, $998,000, $1.8 million, $2.25 million, and $5.8 million. In winning those games, he did not apply the counting cards strategy, but he only took the advantage from the rule of the house.

For bettors who are likely calculating their winning chance will get the highest win in Blackjack Casino game ever. Knowing the blackjack strategy will be very beneficial if you want to win big in this game. The important thing to do is being patience and not greedy.


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