India – seeking for best coach in cricket

          India is one of the most successful Cricket Teams that are present. There are many different kinds of Unbeatable Records have been created by the Team India, in other words, the Men in Blue. It has grown into an unbeatable team under the Captainship of Mr. Cool. Yes, of course, he is none other than Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

           Even before, Indian Team has many wonderful players like Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly, and likewise. The Team India is under the control of BCCI which is under the membership of ICC which is with both the ODI and also the Test.

          Interestingly, the game Cricket was taught to Indians by the Europeans, which happened during the 18th Century. online betting softball The place where the Cricket Club was built for the first time will be Calcutta, in the year 1792. But unfortunately, India’s national team for Cricket was never allowed to play until the year 1932.

             There are many other special features present for the Team India. This was the 6th national team to get qualified for the Test team. This is a special status given to the Indian Team. Only by 1970’s the team got boosted up, which had the great old players like Kapil Dev, who is an all-rounder, Sunil Gavaskar, who is one of the best batsmen and likewise.

            They started to win matches abroad and prove themselves only by the 21st Century. The Indian Team has won the World Cup twice which was on 1983 and 2011 under the captainships of Kapil Dev and MS Dhoni, who are 2 great legendary Cricketers. India is the 1st National to attain the world cup in its own soil.

               Not only the 50 Over World Cup, India has also won the ICC World T20 in the year 2007, which was also under MSD’s Captaincy. Likewise, there are many different kinds of achievements and victories which the Team India has come across.

               To win consequently with full spirit, the team must need a good Captainship and more importantly a good Coach. Only with these two, a team can grow out in a good and a healthy way. In that case, Indian Cricket Team is in search for a Good and wise Coach as the contract which they had with Ravi Shastri as a Team Coach has come to an end.

             There are many different kinds of suggestions has been coming regarding choosing a wise coach for the best cricket team, India. There is a committee in India which is called as Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC). The important decisions regarding the team will be taken after discussing with the committee members.

             As mentioned before, there are many suggestions have been made for the post of a Successful Coach.     One of the best choices was given by the former Australian Captain Ricky Ponting. He suggests Rahul Dravid who is one of the greatest Indian Cricketers who is not into games anymore. Ponting says that Dravid can be a wonderful coach if he would like to take the chance.

         But there is a little confusion in deciding about the coach. There are discussions going on to find out the best coach for the Team India. And the confusion is whether to choose an international coach or a coach from India.

      And thus, it is in the hands of BCCI and CAC to decide on the best coach for the Team India. And these are the major things which you must be knowing about the Men in Blue and their Achievements so far. By reading the above facts you will have an overview for sure.

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