Phogat sisters Geeta and Babita, Indian women wrestlers

     Indias top women wrestlers are Geeta and Babita, both are quietly disqualified from the Rio Olympics held in Rio De Janerio. Recently they are qualifying for the Olympic tournament in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. According to the DNA report, despite several announcements by the organizers duo failed to turn up for the bronze medal bouts. Both phogat sisters are disqualified for the summer games. In order to gain more information, the reason for the disqualification for Indian women wrestlers, just stick with this article till the end and earn right information. Indian wrestling highly hopes in winning a medal at Rio Olympics, but not only disqualified the country’s top women wrestlers face the problem of the lifetime ban.

DNA report:

     The DNA report reveals that the two fortified their repechage bouts under the injury default, at the time of recent concluded Olympic qualifying tournament in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. world sports betting online The teams head coach does not inform to the united world wrestling, in delegate about their injuries now the wrestlers delegate about their injuries and they might be handed to the life bans for the act of indiscipline.

      Wrestling federation of India recently issued the cause notice to four wrestlers and 2 phogat sisters a temporary suspension for showing indiscipline and their dreams of qualifying Rio Olympic comes to abrupt end. Not only temporarily suspended they completely debarred from taking part in the next Olympic qualification event. All the debarred wrestlers are shown their indiscipline at their last tournament. If they want to forfeit the bout or any injury concern, then there are some ways and procedure to follow to officially withdraw, but these irresponsible wrestlers don’t bother to follow any proper procedure. Actually, this reflects very worse on the counter part.

Aspirations of getta’s Olympic:

     Geeta is the eldest of phogat sisters and she was the first Indian women wrestler to qualify for Olympic, defeated comprehensively by 58 kg weight category. The wrestling federation of India decides to select the team from Lucknow, but if selected wrestlers get injured then replacement is considerably essential. In any international sports qualification selection, perfection is essential and they disqualified if any in-disciplinary action happened. Due to some cause of injury geeta phogat is on the olymphic disqualification. So the magnolia competition absolutely proved that 3 famous phogat sisters are unlucky.

     Babita gave up her match against Mexico alma due to some reason. The plight of Vinish was poor and on the competition day, she found exceeded weight by 400 grams and disqualified. Everyone in the qualification heads tried to make sure her weight to be under the required standard, but unable to bring her weight below the prescribed weight limit. But vinish has a chance to qualify for Rio at Istanbul competition.

Grace period for phogat sisters:

        Probably the phogat sisters debarring from wrestling, they are not debarred from the next competition, completely ban from wrestling. Both sisters are quit from the chance of qualifying, even though they have to follow the procedures if they want to fight and preserve the energy for the qualification of next tournament. They barred from going turkey, left the amazing the opportunity. So no Indian women have won the quota place so for, Babita and geeta out now, ouns will be on vines.

Final words:

      The appended information shows that wrestler’s federation of India keenly focused on disciplinary actions of wrestlers if disciplinary action showed then dream of qualifying for Rio Olympic comes to abrupt end. The first world qualification tournament held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, geeta pulled out for her citing injury. The WFI decided to come down heavily on the offenders and world body also debarred from the tournament if any in-disciplinary action showed.

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