Simple Golf Swing Tutorial

Simple Golf Swing Tutorial

Swing is the best way to make your golf successful. To aim for the holes is something important to win this game, but firstly you have to know how to hit the ball and make it right lead to the hole.  You have to make consistent steps and details as well as many practices to make you master swing. If you do not have any practice and repetition on this, you will miss hitting the ball or even never be able to hit the ball forever. For beginners, swing can be the first thing to practice steps to get started of the game

Firstly, you can test your move and rhythm for swing. Play a calm music can give you a better feeling and avoid stressful of your practice. One thing you have to think before swing is that you do not need to give much energy to hit the ball; instead you should be smooth and relax in moving your club to make it hit the ball. Moreover, you can test your motion first by some of these practices.

Stand and hold a club with your arms crossed over your chest. Place your right hand on the left shoulder and left hand on the right shoulder. This position will make the club against your chest held by both of your hands. After that, rotate your shoulder 90 degrees to the left to make a backswing position. Move your left knee inward and keep your right legs relax while the club will point to the target.

After the trial, you can really start your backswing. Backswing means that you lift the club and bring it over your head. Rotate your body like on the trial and practice with three basic steps. First, move the hands straight back. Keep your hands near the back leg and your arm should be straight. When the head of the club swings, make the position where the shaft is parallel to the land. Second, move your waist smoothly when the shaft and arm parallel to the land. The club in the end will be straight point the ball. The last, rotate your body more to make the head of the club goes behind your hands at and position your arm bend to finish the swing.

When executing the swing, you have to make sure that the shaft should bend over the ball to help you meet the club to the impact. You have to train the direction so it will not miss the target. Use your hips to help your hand get more energy, but just don’t use too much energy.

Practicing more will be make you good in golf swing so that the motion of your hand, arms, back, and any body parts will be trained. It will take some time to really master swing, but surely your skills will develop if you try hard. Repeat and repeat again so that you will enjoy this game as well as start to become a real golfer.


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