Snackjack: Play and Winning Trick

Snackjack: Play and Winning Trick

snackjack game online

Snackjack: Play and Winning Trick – Snackjack is one of the new card games adapting the old and classic online blackjack game. Adopting the classic style, this game also offers several interesting twists which you must admit prevent quickly bored players. Of course, it also carries challenges and levels of difficulties. Here is the complete detail.

The Basic Game Play

Snackjack doesn’t appear with complicated gameplay, looking like trying so hard to grab players’ attention. If you know how to play classic blackjack, you will know the basic. At every session, you play blackjack in four hands at once. You will get one card deal every time from the dealer and it is up to you to decide where to put the card. Choose one of the hands you have. If in one hand, your card is 21 or more, you make the score. Your cards will be cleared, and the space will be empty. You can start over on that space.

The Tricky Part

Unlike classic blackjack that allows you to take as much time as you need to think, you only have 70 seconds of game session to finish the entire four hands. At first, this will be hell. Four hands will be like too many to play. That is alright. The first levels are not so challenging and you have enough time to adapt with the game play. In fact, if you have enough basic knowledge or experience in playing blackjack, you’ll find your track in no time. It makes Snackjack a game easy enough to play even for beginners.

Your Goals

The main goal of playing the cards on Snackjack is to feed your cute pink pig. The game story is based on a fair with many of food vendors. Each round of the game will feature different vendor of food. You’ll get snack every time you score 21, hold five cards under score 21, or make a straight. You will pile the snack in your big sack. If you can play good enough, you’ll get more than enough snack for the level. The remaining will be helpful on harder levels. Keep them.

Trick to Win

What is the real deal of this online casino games? Obviously, you need to play it fast to win the game. You have only limited time for each session and you must try to play under the limitation. You can also save the extra snack on your sack. You need specific amount to pass a game, and extras will be helpful on harder levels you barely can win well. In addition to it, try to win Snackjack by making 11 on as many hands as you can.

Many players find this game interesting and they like it. It doesn’t require you to play every day, but somehow, you will want to play more and more. This can be tough at first, but with enough practice, you’ll get it naturally. This game is not hard but challenging enough, and the whole design is nice. You should try playing snackjack.


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