Solitaire Blitz: A Cute Undersea Solitaire Game

Solitaire Blitz: A Cute Undersea Solitaire Game

Are you looking for a simple yet entertaining Solitaire game? Try to install Solitaire Blitz through your Facebook account or mobile device and get a fun card game.

About Solitaire Blitz

Solitaire Blitz is a card game developed by Pop Cap Games. Based on Solitaire game’s idea, Solitaire Blitz improve the game formula with fast-paced treasure hunt ideas. With undersea theme, the game use cute animations. You need to clear the decks in 60 seconds by matching the cards.


The game rules require you to clear the stacks by drawing and building the pile then moving them to the building pile. There are 67 cards to make 7 stacks. The remaining 41 cards form the pile. The players can draw the card if don’t find high or lower ranked card. These 41 cards can only be used once. Within 60 seconds time limit, you need to clear the stacks. If you can move more cards onto the pile, you can gain more score.

Success Playing Strategy

Score Points

The key factors on winning Solitaire Blitz is by gaining more score points. Here are the tips so you can get more points:

  • Before you start to click the stacks to move it to pile, check the other 6 stacks whether there are cards can be played during the run.
  • Take a note the hint! Sometimes when you stop clicking, there will be a glowing card. It’s the hint to indicate that the card will go stacked to the pile. This hint can be very useful when you have no idea for the next moves.
  • Don’t miss the long run. It’s a way to give you more points.
  • Balance all your stacks so you can clear them more easily at the last moment.
  • Use “Time Lines”, is a thick yellow line behind the 7 stacks which give your additional 20 seconds time. By gaining more time, you can gain more points.
  • Make a long run. Clicking 10 cards in a row will give you multiple points.

Game Tips

After you know the tricks to get more score points, you can follow the tips to win the game by:

  • Uncover hidden treasures between the stacks. If you can unlock the treasure, it can be turned to silver which help you to boost up your level.
    • If you have enough remaining time after clearing 7 stacks, you can watch if there is a glowing stuff. It’s a rare treasure that can turn into silver.
    • Find a “key card” tied with small ribbon at the end to unlock additional piles as you progress your level. If you have more piles, you can move cards quicker.
    • Use the Joker well which usually only two in the stacks.
    • If you need some little time to go to toilet, just pause the game, don’t leave it. You will lose your lives.

    Free vs Paying Players

    Overall, Solitaire Blitz is a free solitaire game, you can unlock new level and discover new undersea world without spending money. But, free players have some limit compared to paying players. For example, to reach game top leaderboards you will need Silver which only can gain from playing a game. Paying players can simply buy the silver without need spending time for playing more. Buying deck cards is also one way to reach the top leaderboards instead of collecting fish to level up.

    Open you Facebook account and search Solitaire Blitz. You will find an eye catching undersea theme card game to spend your spare time.


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